Thursday, March 25, 2010

So Little Sleep, So Much To Do

It appears Thursday is the day that everything needs to be done! My To Do list for the day, and looking towards the weekend, is growing by the minute.  Bubba appears to be going through another growth spurt so he was literally attached to me all night.  Lucky Duck got to sleep in until 6:20a this morning but not me, I was up at 4:50a preparing bottles, lunches, clothes, backpacks.  It was also a doggie daycare day so that meant leaving the house 15 minutes earlier.  It's amazing how that 15 minutes can make such a tremendous  difference.

So, as I sit here now, I am going through all the items that are pending and those that need to be started.  My closet is still a Work in Progress.  My Spring Cleaning Party has yet to begin.  Bubba is growing so quickly that I need to get him new socks, onsies, pants...the list goes on!  I have also reached the conclusion that I now need to move up to the bigger 9 oz. bottles for Bubba as my pumping sessions are producing more than the little 5 ozer's can hold...yet another sign that he is thriving and will soon be experiencing the wonders of solids.

Ah, solids.  I have heard so much about these the past few days.  Everyone seems to be under the impression that since Bubba will hit the 4 month mark on Saturday that he will receive his first taste on Saturday night.  Not sure why that is since we are doing so well with breastfeeding.  I do find myself debating the solid issue a lot though.  He shows a few of the "recommended markers" that show solid readiness: mimicing chewing, eyeing my food as I try to eat, lessening of the thrust reflex and ability to hold his head high and steady.  I don't know if I'm ready, however.  The one thing I am sure of is that I will be making Bubba's baby food.  Well, mashing it anyway!  I think I will start with banana and avacado.  As to when...who knows.

Today is Grocery Store Flyer day!!  Such an exciting day as I prepare for another round of the Grocery Game...printing, clipping and organizing coupons, going through the flyers to see what's on sale and what I already have coupons for, counting down to Sunday and the appearance of "The List".  Kind of funny that grocery shopping and coupon clipping have become so exciting for me.

A trip to the toy store is in order as Buggy has a birthday party on Saturday.  The toy store is one of those places I hate to go but seem to spend a lot of time in now that Buggy is in school.

The nursery definitely needs a little attention too!  Once we get his crib up I can begin his bedtime ritual in his room in the rocker with the lights down low and hope that he sleeps nicely all night long.

I am tired just thinking about all the big items on my list so I may just focus on the little stuff for now!

Do you have long laundry lists of things to accomplish this weekend?  How do you prioritize?

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