Monday, March 22, 2010

Clean Sweep!!! Maybe...

Ok, so I had planned to kick Spring off with a "Clean Sweep" this weekend...which according to "Simple Mom" is when you grab a trash bag and a box or two (marked Give/Sell) and go room to room boxing items accordingly BUT you only box items that you can see. You do not go into drawers, closets, etc. I was so excited about this on Friday and couldn't wait for Saturday to arrive. The best laid plans....

My "Clean Sweep" never took place but I did get laundry and grocery shopping done! That's a small accomplishment considering what needs to be done. Little by little, I will find my inner home keeper and my house will become organized.

I continue to collect coupons with my SIL's and play the Grocery Game, stockpile and save a ton of money so at least I have that much going for me. A clean, organized house will come...eventually.

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