Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Closet Runneth Over

Yes, this really is MY closet!!  It appears it only takes a day or two of, "I have nothing to wear!!" before my closet completely implodes! I had just cleaned and organized this closet last month but it is once again One Hot Mess. Buggy was on the 'puter so I grabbed Bubba and headed for the bedroom and the dreaded dark place that is our closet. I am approaching this in steps so last night I worked on clearing the floor...dirty clothes into laundry, clean clothes placed back on their proper shelf or hanger and outgrown or holey items in the trash. Now to clean out the books and organize the 100's of purses I have and the floor will be complete.

Next step...purge any outgrown, never-worn items from the hangers and shelves. I have a ton of stuff that will be donated including maternity clothes that will never be worn by this body again. Time to let go!!

Completed Vision...a closet where I can see the floor, neat and tidy shelves and installing some sort of lighting so I can actually see the true beauty of my closet!  Stay tuned for pics.

Do you have one particular area in your house that seems to implode on occassion??

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  1. Hmm, my sink. It collects dirty dishes as if they're going out of style. I have no clue how or why. One moment nice and shiny and empty-then poof, full of dirty pots.