Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If I didn't laugh...

I would cry! Not really. It's just a very dreary day and I have yet to accomplish any of the items from yesterday's Fly List except I did finally get to do a load of my own laundry. Yeah! Clean clothes for the Mama!! Mine are always the last to get done but that's what we do, right? On the bright side, I did get the 6 yr old (Buggy from here on out) signed up for soccer finally...only a week past the deadline. I also RSVP'd to a birthday party he's attending on Saturday...5 days past RSVP date. I really do need to get more organized but I can't until I get my house straightened out so I can have one spot to put all this info in. I also need to make myself handle action items such as RSVP's as soon as I receive them. It would make it so much easier.

Ok, so on top of last night's items that didn't get finished, today's list is watering plants, dusting, windows in the living room and vacuuming. Maybe I can get some of this done tonight along with the baby's (Bubba from here on out) laundry...nothing like two big blow-outs to change your laundry schedule!

Nothing to do in terms of the Grocery Game as I already went through my coupons and removed expired ones and put like items together. I could go on and print off this week's batch from Coupons.com but there's no rush for that.

Why can't we have "Rain Days" in the spring like we have "Snow Days" in the winter??? And when I say we, I mean me!

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