Monday, March 22, 2010

On Today's Agenda...

So, keeping in line with my "FLYing Lessons", the items that I have accomplished so far today are: checking my calendar, preparing all the necessary items to pump at work for tomorrow's feeds for the 4 month old, place all needed bags at the door (6 yr old's backpack, 4 month old's diaper bag and breast pump/purse) and remember to get my cellphone. I managed to do all of these but that still leaves swishing/swiping my toilets, working 15 minutes in my "Hot Spot" and pulling stuff for dinner. I'm at work now so all of that will have to wait until I get home.

When I get home today, I have to start laundry, go thru the mail, fix snack, figure out dinner and work on the FlyLady's Daily Mission. Then once that's done it's on to fixing dinner, clearing the dishes, sweeping the floors, more laundry, and Shining My Sink...all while fitting in time with my sons and husband!

AND I need to do my daily tasks which for Monday include vaccuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, purging mail, containing the kid's toys, and decluttering. Once that's complete, I am supposed to tackle this week's Zone Cleaning which is our bedroom and one other room. Fortunately, I have all week to finish these tasks!

I am not sure how a mother who works outside of the home can possibly get all of this completed on a daily basis but I will do the best I can. Can someone just send a HUGE dumpster to my home and I can just start tossing stuff??

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